Below are some frequently asked questions about bankruptcy. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us.

Can I file bankruptcy myself or is it better to hire the Wright Law Alliance to represent me?

It is better to hire the Wright Law Alliance to help you file bankruptcy than try to do it yourself. It is notable to have over 25 years of experience and we have a knack for navigating complex bankruptcies successfully. Both personal and business. Hire someone who can successfully help you get the restart you need. It’s a win/win working with the Wright Law Alliance because we want to help you live the quality of life you deserve as a Georgia resident, and as an American.

Can creditors still call/text me when I’ve filed for bankruptcy protection?

No, they cannot contact you. By law when you file for bankruptcy protection creditors have to stop calling you. If they do call they are in violation of the bankruptcy automatic stay and you can contact the Wright Law Alliance to assist with the situation.

How fast can my bankruptcy be filed?

Once we have all of the information we’ve requested from you we can file the same day or the next day (Excluding weekends and holidays). We will file your case through the Bankruptcy Court’s online filing system.

Does bankruptcy help or hurt my credit?

Bankruptcies generally help improve your credit as they can eliminate all of your debt (Chapter 7) or they’ll combine your debt and reduce it (Chapter 13). The exception to this is if you have federal student loans. Creditors are always looking for credit worthy customers and this process can help. Did you know your credit can rebound within a year or two after a bankruptcy discharge? The key is being more responsible and living below your means.

Once I’ve filed for bankruptcy when can I start building my credit?

Once the bankruptcy discharge is complete you can begin rebuilding your credit. If the bankruptcy discharge is completed next Monday, you can begin rebuilding your credit next Monday. As mentioned in the last question the goal is to be more responsible and this might mean starting with one credit card versus trying to get 5. Any questions you have along the way we’ll answer.

Do I get to keep my home, car, and possessions in a bankruptcy?

The goal of bankruptcy is to give you a fresh start or breathing room (time) to get your finances in order. If you want to keep your home or car we can help with that or if you want to walk away gracefully we can help you accomplish that as well. Your possessions are yours and our goal is to do our best to position you to be able to keep what belongs to you. Keeping your home, car, and possessions are benefits of filing for bankruptcy with the Wright Law Alliance.

After filing bankruptcy will I be able to purchase a home again? If so, how soon?

Yes, you will be able to purchase a home again. Challenges happen and many people have been affected directly or indirectly as a result of COVID-19. You could try applying for a home a year after a successful bankruptcy discharge but we think an ideal number is 2-3 years. This gives you time to build a strong credit track record. If you have further questions we'd be more than happy to talk with you 1 to 1.

How much does a bankruptcy cost?

The Wright Law Alliance is an affordable bankruptcy law firm. The cost will vary as each of our client's situations are different in scope and complexity. We love complex cases, we’ve got a really good track record.

Should I try a debt consolidation company before I file for bankruptcy?

Honestly no, that's looking at things from the bigger picture of saving yourself time and money. We have over 25 years of experience and we’ve seen a thing or two. You’re better off working with a bankruptcy lawyer whose sole purpose is to help you start afresh and get on with your life asap.

How does being married affect filing for bankruptcy?

We can help you file together or we can help you file separately. If both parties are responsible for the current situation it’s in your best interest to file together.