If your business is having financial challenges, a Chapter 11 bankruptcy may be the right tool to reorganize and even eliminate debt.  A bankruptcy lawyer in Georgia is the right solution for you if your business is located in Georgia. A Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a process to restructure the debts of the business, address cash flow issues, and operate your business as a viable going concern.

Chapter 11 can also provide some immediate benefits, like:

  • Stop collection actions from creditors
  • Stop foreclosures on real estate and equipment
  • Stop lawsuits against your company
  • Stop utility service cut-off

With our expertise and experience, we will guide your business through the Chapter 11 process, keeping management engaged and informed every step of the way.

You may decide that closing your business is the best option for you.  Chapter 7 bankruptcy for the business can provide an orderly process for ending your business and moving on what’s next.

Contact The Wright Law Alliance, P.C. to speak with an experienced chapter 11 and chapter 7 lawyer to discuss the best options for your business today.

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