If’ you’re facing financial troubles, talking with a “bankruptcy lawyer near me” could help. Georgia residents are dreading having to declare bankruptcy because of COVID-19. With few options remaining it may be the best option to protect your financial future. There comes a time when talking to a bankruptcy lawyer may be the only safe way out of your financial troubles. Financial distress can affect many people during an economic recession and depression. It’s how you respond that makes all the difference. When things turn dire, talking with us can be the lifeline you’re looking for.
Filling for bankruptcy can help you slow down the harassing calls from creditors. Some may think it is a simple process but filing for bankruptcy can be quite complex.  You can file  on your own or have an experienced bankruptcy lawyer help. There are many bankruptcy lawyers in Atlanta who say they can help but few who can get you the results you need. We can help and we’re dedicated to helping you end your debt and protect your financial future.

How common is bankruptcy?way-out-financial-troubles-bankruptcy-lawyer-wright-law-alliance

Before 2020, cases of bankruptcy had been on a steady decline. Yet, experts are predicting there may be a surge in the number of cases in the coming months. The uncertainty that hovers around  COVID-19 will unfortunately force many people into bankruptcy.

The most common type of bankruptcy, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

There are several forms of bankruptcy that one can file to find financial relief. The most common are chapter 7 and chapter 13. Chapter 7 is where you ask the courts to discharge all your debt. A successful chapter 7 filing will discharge your unsecured debt. This doesn’t apply to student loans as of this post. There are certain things you can keep during and after the bankruptcy. This will depend on what the court decides.
But, chapter 13 is all about paying your debt at a later date. Filing a chapter 13 means that you have the money or abilities to repay the debt but at a later date. A successful chapter 13 filing will buy you time while you reorganize your finances .
Both chapter 7 and chapter 13 are vital in a time of need. The courts work through a framework to determine which chapter you qualify for. A chapter 7 can discharge your unsecured loans and a chapter 13 will usually prevent creditors from repossessing your assets.

Why do you need a bankruptcy lawyer?

There are many reasons why you can benefit from a bankruptcy lawyer. Here are some of the most notable ones;
  • The Wright Law Alliance will listen to your situation and offer you solutions that will help you overcome your situation.
  • Experienced lawyer know how a bankruptcy works inside out and will guide every step of the way.
  • A bankruptcy attorney will provide you with the debt relief packages you can get.
  • The Wright Law Alliance will offer you sound advice and provide a listening ear in your hour of need.

The process of filing for bankruptcy

Once you get in touch with our office, we’ll have a discovery call so we can learn about your situation. During this phone or virtual consultation, I will discuss all your available options. Next, I will need you to gather some of your financial documents that are important in the process. The documents include;
– Tax returns
– Bank statements
– Your last paycheck stub
Once you gather this, you will need to attend a credit counseling session. This is per the BAPCP Act of 2005. Don’t worry if you don’t know any certified counselors; I will connect you with the right professional.
Once these action items are complete we’ll prepare all the paperwork for you and get started. If needed we’ll pull your credit report and determine who your creditors are.

Solo vs hiring an expert

Individual can file for bankruptcy or can get help from a licensed professional. You might be the kind of person who can figure things out and file for bankruptcy and that is good. If you’re the kind of person who wants extra piece of mind consider hiring a bankruptcy lawyer. Don’t bother extra stress that can come with making a mistake when filing.

Next steps… Reliefway-out-financial-troubles-bankruptcy-lawyer

Once everything is in order, we’ll file your bankruptcy case. Because of COVID-19 we will meet and file online. We’ll do our best to get you favorable results needed to jump start your financial future.

Do we offer complementary consultations? Yes.

Now that you have a clear picture of the process, it is time to take the next step. I understand that filing for bankruptcy can be scary for many people but I’ll help make it smooth for you. While a successful bankruptcy will be on your report it takes less time than you think to get back on the road to building your credit.
We’re one of the best bankruptcy lawyers in our area and we offer you second-to-none advice. I have been in the industry for a while now, and I have helped many people get back on their feet. Do you want those wage garnishments to stop? Do you want to save your house or walk away from it with dignity? Join our list clients who have had favorable results filling for bankruptcy. Where are they today? On their way to recovery. You can trust us to get you the best deal there is and protect you from the constant harassment from creditors.
I understand that no one wants to be in financial distress. That’s why I offer a swift response to your inquiries and help you start your recovery journey. Call my office today to book your free consultation. Are you ready to begin your journey back towards financial freedom? Call us now.