Finances are an uncomfortable topic, and especially when the word “debt” is involved. Most people don’t want others to know if they are facing debt, and if so, just how much it is.

As an Atlanta bankruptcy attorney, we know first-hand just how uncomfortable this conversation can be. But to overcome a problem, you must first talk about it to find a solution.

And this is when some people start their search for a “bankruptcy lawyer near me.”

Bankruptcy is a scary term at first for some, but also a solid solution.

How Did I Find Myself in This Much Debt?

Especially when credit cards are involved, it can feel like you accrued the debt in the blink of an eye. One day your balance is $0 and before you know it, you have thousands of dollars piled up.

Some of the ways people often accrue large amounts of debt include:

Medical Bills

Whether it is a planned but required surgery or a sudden accident, one medical bill could be enough to throw your entire financial life off balance. But oftentimes, it is something that is unavoidable and sometimes something that can keep growing as additional treatment is required.

Student Loan Debt

College is expensive – no doubt. But many careers require a degree, and many people desire to pursue further schooling.

Year after year more and more students find themselves looking down the tunnel of student loan debt after graduation.

Poor Spending Habits

It can be hard to admit, but we’ve all made poor decisions at one point or another. Whether it was a spur-of-the-moment shopping spree, that new piece of technology you just couldn’t resist, or holiday shopping you didn’t save for in advance.

Unfortunately, poor spending can become a habit. And when it is done on a credit card, the interest that accrues on the balance just adds to the damage.

Is Filing Bankruptcy Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Right for Me?

This is a hard question to answer on your own. As an experienced bankruptcy attorney in your area, we are here to help you determine how bankruptcy can help you recover from your growing debt. 

The first step in the process is a simple conversation with our team to discuss your situation and determine what your plausible options might be.